EAT/DRINK PODCAST: Chapin Family Vineyards

January 23, 2019

The social aspect of owning a winery in Temecula Wine Country is what inspired Steve Chapin. But if he's being honest, if he hadn't opened Chapin Family Vineyards, the former microbiologist might be holed up in his house with his head inside a book.

The cultural and social aspects of winemaking, wine production and owning a winery is a main focus of his winery today, the furthest facility northeast on Rancho California Road.

"If you go to a country and experienced their wines, experience their food, talk to the people, you really do understand their culture much more than say, reading about it or looking at the architecture and the history," Chapin said. "If you experience all those things, you really do experience the culture of the place you're visiting."

EAT/DRINK PODCAST: Briar Rose Winery

January 10, 2019

It's simple really.

"The thing I always tell people that come here is I want them to have the three Ls," Briar Rose Winery lead server Brandon Turner said. "I want them to learn; I want them to laugh, and I want them to fall in love."

In addition to serving wine in a seated, intimate setting, the inviting family-owned winery sits on a property that is full of history and is situated on the south ridge overlooking Rancho California Road in Temecula Wine Country.

We really enjoyed our conversation with owners Dorian and Les Linkogle about wine and the birth of a sport there on the property. 


January 9, 2019

Ken Smith once had a roommate who made craft beer in their apartment; the problem was Smith didn't much enjoy beer at the time. But it was something that his roommate told him at the time that stuck with him ever since. 

"I didn't even like beer; I didn't like what he made," Smith said. "But he distilled and made beer, and one time he says, 'You know, we could make whiskeys and bourbons.' And it just stuck in my head forever, and I thought that would be fun."

Recently he opened Galway Spirits Distillery in Temecula and he sat down to talk about all things spirits and what he's calling Galway World. 

EAT/DRINK: Wiens Family Cellars

November 25, 2018

Wiens brother, George is an architect, so he designed the winery. Jeff and brother Dave handle the financials. Doug handles the winemaking. But that's just the beginning to the true family affair that is Wiens Family Cellars, which was has been serving wine in their existing tasting room since Oct. 14, 2006.

Twelve years later, Jeff said most of the family has moved to the area and works in the family business, even though he still commutes a little. He said the decision to move the business to Temecula Valley has paid off and he sees growth all around him.

“Of course there are more wineries, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing, it’s a good thing, up to a point,” he said. “There’s plenty of customers to go around. The wine quality overall in the valley has certainly gotten better and that’s a really good thing.”

Wiens, which bills itself as "Home of the Big Reds," has grown too.

“We started out with this being the only vineyard we owned and now we own numerous vineyards and farm over 100 acres and 25 different vineyards.”

EAT/DRINK PODCAST: Lorimar Vineyard and Winery

November 21, 2018

Sometimes on a busy Saturday or Sunday, Mark Manfield said he walks around the property of his Lorimar Vineyard and Winery and just smiles.
"This patio will just be mobbed," he said. "There will be like 700 people on this property, and I will be like, 'This is pretty cool.' I am like, 'Wow!'"
Manfield's business partner and winemaker, Marshall Stuart, isn't quite as enthusiastic when the wine-tasting masses are visiting. The soft-spoken, longtime farmer likes to keep a lower profile.
"I can go around and talk to people and stuff like that, but as far as wanting to be in the depth of the tasting room when it's just packed on a Saturday or Sunday ... not so much," Stuart said.
Despite their differences, the pair is always working to make Lorimar the best it can be. 

Valley Newsmakers Podcast: Art Roldan of Pro-Team Buns

October 26, 2018

Art Roldan is the inventor of a lettuce bun product — called Pro-Team Buns — that can be formed into several different shapes. He has patents on the product all over the world and is working toward securing funding for mass production.
We called Roldan up and had a conversation about his career, his invention and how he's protecting his product from possible competitors.

Valley Newsmakers Podcast: Zach Kincaid

October 23, 2018

Zach Kincaid is attempting to change the way district attorneys prosecute cases involving the death of an unborn child in vehicular manslaughter cases. His wife, Krystil, and the couple's unborn child were killed in late September when police said she was involved in a head-on collision with a drunken driver.

"I knew as soon as I found out that this guy was (allegedly) drunk; I knew, deeper than that, I had a problem to actually someone getting what they deserve for doing what they did to my wife and daughter," Kincaid said. "I was surprised it went up to a 10-year max. But it's not enough."

He has endorsed and promoted a petition on called "Justice for Krystil & Avalynn Kincaid" which calls for stricter punishment for people convicted of vehicular homicide while intoxicated and for additional changes that would include consideration for the death of unborn children in these instances, like Avalynn.

Kincaid said that he invites anyone who wishes to sign the petition to visit

EAT/DRINK Podcast: Jennifer and Rick Buffington of Cougar Winery

October 18, 2018

Last week we chatted with Rick and Jennifer Buffington of Cougar Vineyards & Winery. 

We know, some of you might be wondering how Cougar Vineyards & Winery came to be Cougar Vineyards & Winery, and you might think it’s a brilliant marketing naming ploy — but you would be wrong.

“We were living in Bellevue, Washington at the time on Cougar Mountain,” Jennifer said. “People have many ideas where the name comes from — it’s a horse, it’s a car, it’s an older woman,” Jennifer said. “Hey, whatever, it gets them in the door.”

Valley Newsmakers Podcast: Temecula City Council Forum

October 17, 2018

On Tuesday, Oct. 2, the Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visit Temecula Valley held a City of Temecula City Council Forum, created to “enlighten residents of the issues, ideas and opinions of the candidates” in attendance.  In all, six of the seven registered candidates attended the forum, including District 1 candidate and current City of Temecula Mayor, Matt Rahn. However, fellow District 1 candidate Mayra Garcia did not attend. Representing District 3 were candidates former council member Michael McCracken, current council member Maryann Edwards, and Adam Rideau. Candidates Zak Schwank and Martha Howard represented District 5. The panel was moderated by Brian Connors, Marketing Director of Southwest Healthcare System Chairman of the board of Director for the Temecula Chamber of Commerce.

EAT/DRINK Podcast: Marcelo Doffo

October 15, 2018

Jeff Pack sat down with Marcelo Doffo of Doffo Winery for a conversation about his career in Temecula Wine Country. 

It was in 1997 that Doffo purchased the land where Doffo Winery now sits. He planted his first vines of cabernet sauvignon and syrah with a small percentage of petit verdot and cabernet franc by hand.

"Farming is where I have my experience," Doffo said. "So, I wanted to have a piece of land to play with because I love tractors and motorcycles and we farm kind of different from the rest."